RIFE Therapy

What is Energy?

Energy moves in waves which differ in their height and length. The height of the waves are called amplitude. The distance between the waves are called wavelengths. The higher the amplitude the higher the energy. It is through the variations in the length and the height of the waves that energy codes information and it creates unique signals. There is difference between radio signals, heat, visible light, and nuclear energy simply in the length of the wave while the height or amplitude of the wave determines the intensity of the energy. This can be described as the electromagnetic spectrum.


The Bio- Electromagnetic Field

Human beings also fall within the electromagnetic spectrum and the body emits electromagnetic radiation mainly in the infrared spectrum. This infrared energy forms a field around the body. This is what we call the Bio- Electromagnetic Field or what is called the “aura” in the ancient Indian tradition. The Bio- Electromagnetic Field is a reflective/reactive field which extends 4-5 feet around us, for some wider. This electromagnetic energy is generated by the heart, the brain, and every cell in our body. Each person has a different energetic vibration just like each person has a unique fingerprint which means that we each have different energetic vibrations.


Electricity in the Human Body

Electricity is also part of the system of a human being. Electromagnetic waves can actually move through space, however, electricity on the other hand often requires a conductor. Electricity starts with an atom. An atom contains a nucleus which contains the protons which is positively charged and the neutrons which is neutral. It also contains the electrons which carries a negative electrical charge.

An electric current is created when the electrons are moving from one atom to another. So how does this electricity move in our bodies? Elements in our body like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium make it possible for the electrical current to flow from cell to cell. Therefore, our levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium is very important. The flow of the electrical energy regulates every biological system in the body and wherever there is a flow of electricity, a magnetic field forms around it. Therefore, from our heart function, to our voices, our brain, and our eyes, everything has a unique frequency. This frequency can be described as the number of waves moving per second.



RIFE therapy is also known as frequency therapy because it taps into these unique frequencies emitted by the body. Dr RIFE discovered a way in which the body could then receive frequencies specifically targeted to treat a particular part of the body or a specific ailment.


Sufi Healing and RIFE

Allah defines Himself in the Holy Quraan as “the Light of the Heavens and the Earth” (24:35). Just as we understand that light is energy, we can conceive of Allah as energy. Allah is pure Energy, is formless, but contains the potential to create all forms. We find the Sufi point of view supported by scientific research in the following statement “light” creates our world of pattern and form. In agreement with many other scientists, we define the domain for “light” as the full range of the electromagnetic spectrum in modern physics theories. Everything in the physical world represents various manifestations of light” [1]. This can be applied to frequencies as well.

All creation consists of Allah’s own substance. Sufis call this spiritual/material substance the Ninety-Nine Names or the Beautiful Names of Allah. These Names are Allah’s diverse attributes, all of which comprise His entire Being. Therefore, each of the Beautiful Names of Allah has a unique frequency and when recited as Zikr gives of a unique frequency which can be used as a means of healing.

The Sufi Rife Machine is the only machine in the world that has been programmed with the Beautiful Names of Allah as well as verses from the Quraan. The voice of Master Shaykh Taner Vargonen Ansari was recorded and this was converted into frequencies that allow healing.

[1] ANSARI, T. (2000). The sun will rise in the west- The holy trail. Napa, CA, Ansari Publications.